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San Andres is an island with many treasures waiting to be discovered. Cocoplum Beach Hotel welcomes you, and invites you to enjoy our lovely island. Our staff in the lobby will help coordinate activities for you during your stay.

Transport Hire 

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Prices in Colombian pesos

- BUS Every 15 minutes a bus passes in front of the hotel. The fare to downtown is $1.400

- TAXI The fare to downtown is $12.000. The receptionist will call a taxi for you, after midnight increases 50%.

- BICYCLES These can be rented right at the hotel. Ride around the Island, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the island sector, day $30.000

- MOTORCYCLES These are available for hire at the hotel. $20.000 per hour, 3 hours $60.000, 24 hours $80.000.

- GOLF CAR RENTAL Per hour $25.000, 3 hours $70.000, day $100.000, 24 hours $150.000.

- CAR RENTAL 24 hours $250.000.

- TRANSFER IN OR OUT Transfer from hotel to airport $23.000 each way before 11 pm.  $37.000 between 11 Pm to 6 Am.

- Baggage and ticket check-in at the airport.

Water Sports

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Coral ecosystems of San Andrés is an attraction that you must visit and appreciate their different shades of blue. Our sea of ​​7 colors is ideal for all water sports leveraging its warm, clear waters with great visibility.

Prices in Colombian Pesos

SNORKELING - Enjoy different snorkeling tour every day from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, off the beach of the hotel with 2 guides, open bar and watching Rays, Fish and Corals worth $ 50,000 per person including equipment hire complete.

MINI DIVING COURSE - To apprentice from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Includes instruction, immersion,equipment handling, transportation and full. Value $ 140,000.

COURSES OPEN WATER DIVER - PADI Certification Course $ 780,000 5 days and CertificationCourse 5 days NAWI $ 700,000.

ADVANCED DIVING COURSE - 5 days with equipment $ 700,000.

NIGHT DIVE-certified diver $ 130,000 Advance. Includes equipment and lamp. No equipment orlamp $ 100,000.

DIVE FOR CERTIFIED DIVERS - Diving double $ 160,000 in equipment, $ 130,000 without equipment. $ 120,000 with easy diving equipment, $ 90,000 without a team. Options discount dive packages.

DIVER COURSE REFWRRAL - $ 480,000 for 4 dives with equipment certification.

KAYAK - Sport exploration, excellent for our beach, the practice does not involve any risk and learning is super easy. Rental rate per hour $ 30,000.

WINDSURFING - Rental $ 30,000 per hour. 1 hour of class instruction and 30 minutes of practice $ 80,000.

SUNFISH - Rental $ 30,000 per hour. 1 hour of class instruction and 30 minutes of practice $ 80,000. Fit 2 people.

JET SKI - Jet Ski rental, value for 1 / 4 of an hour $ 50,000, $ 90,000 per half hour, and $ 160,000per hour.

FISHING CRAFT - $ 160,000 per hour in a boat for 4 people with full equipment, exits 6am andanother at 4pm.

Tours and Hikes

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Prices in Colombian pesos

- ROCKY CAY - 50 meters from the Hotel Cocoplum Beach this beautiful soft coral sand path leading to a shipwreck and Rocky Cay. For its shallowness is appropriate for children. Great for snorkeling

- TOUR AROUND. THE ISLAND - Explore the island and its attractions. See the beaches of San Luis, the blow hole , the natural pool of West View, the Island museum ($ 5,000), Morgan's Cave, the Baptist Church, Big Pond and the Hill Lake. Value $ 80,000 per vehicle and $ 20,000 per person departure in chiva 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm.

- TOUR TO AQUARIUM - JOHNNY CAY AND HAYNES CAY - Departure every day at 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, boat transportation. They are keys with white sands, crystal clear and calm waters, where they can see the Wildlife and plants of the reef. Value $ 17,000 per person, not including transportation to the dock.


- TRIP TO ACUARIO - Departure every day at 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, boat transportation. is a grove of white beaches, crystal clear and calm waters, where they can see the Wildlife and plants of the reef. Value $ 12,000 for 2 hours, not including transportation to the dock.

- TRIP TO JOHNNY CAY - Departure every day at 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, transportation by boat to a small island in front of downtown. It's a happy place, has palm trees, cocktails, foods and a restless sea. Value $ 12,000 5 hours, not including transportation to the dock.

- SEMI-SUBMERGIBLE NAUTILUS - 2 hours of remembering the great barrier reef in the morning or afternoon, 30 minutes of snorkeling in the morning or afternoon. No need to dive to discover the world ocean through the glass windows of the semisubmersible. Adult Value $ 45,000, $ 35,000 children.

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CAPTAIN MORGAN’S GALLEON - Afternoon departure from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, live a pirate adventure by buccaneer style fun cruise. Value $ 25,000 per person

- NIGHTTIME GALEON - Departure from 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays, live band, live Reggae and open bar. Value $ 65,000 per person.

- TOUR OF THE MANGROVES A special ecological tour of the mangroves and coral gardens, with stops for snorkeling to admire the underwater life. $15.000. Groups of 8 peoiple.

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- HORESEBACK RIDING Departures at 10.a.m. and 4 p.m. A 2 hour ecological tour of San Luis and the beach. Includes transport and refreshments. $60.000 per person.

- ECOLOGICAL HIKE for 2 hours along country paths and beautiful scenery, observing the wide variety of fauna and flora. $40.000 per person.

Other Activities

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- DISCO NIGHT Blue Deep or Cocos. Entrance $20.000 per person (includes $10.000 consumption).

- FOLK DANCING CLASS Learn the Schottise, Mazurka, Calypso, Reggae and Quadrill. One hour $20.000 1 person, 2 - 6 people $15.000 each.

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