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The archipelago of San Andres and Providencia is in the middle of the Caribbean Sea 200 km from Central America and 600 km from the coasts of South America. It was declared by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve > Sea Flower for its beauty, ecosystems and biodiversity. It is the ideal place to enjoy the coral reef with all its colorful fish species. It also has beaches of white coral sand lined with coconut trees where you can enjoy the sun.

Its sea of ??seven colors is ideal for practicing all water sports. It has large green areas where you can enjoy the tranquility and pure air. Its inhabitants speak English, Spanish and Creole. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The area of ??the island is 26 km. In its northern part is the commercial area that has merchandise from all over the world at very good prices as it is duty free port.

The Hotel Cocoplum Beach is the true Beach Hotel because it is located directly on the best beach on the island on Cocoplum Bay, in the sector of San Luis where the true Caribbean is. It is the area where most of the natives live, here you can appreciate its culture and architecture. It is a very pleasant area, quiet, very green and far from the congestion of the city (5 km from the center)