Aquarium and Rocky Cay Tour in San Andrés Isla (San Andrés)

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Aquarium and Rocky Cay Tour
Aquarium and Rocky Cay Tour
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Aquarium: A place where it seems that walking on water is possible is the Aquarium, also called Rose Cay, in which the depth of the water is close to one meter. There, when looking to the sides, people feel they are in the open sea as they move towards Haynes Cay. Of course, they can also cross from one key to another swimming or snorkeling among hundreds of colorful fish.

Rocky cay: In front of one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of San Andrés, the sea bed is not very flooded, allowing the happy bathers almost to walk on the water, moistening the waists of their visitors and their surroundings, under a sky infinite, the fishes run at pleasure. Right in front is Rocky Cay. One of those whims that nature has seen fit for the enjoyment of the spirits most in need of rest. As the name implies, Rocky Cay - Rocky Beach - is a reef rock reef.

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Reservations: (+57) 3153836043

Aquarium and Rocky Cay Tour

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Aquarium and Rocky Cay Tour
5 horas aprox
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Reservations: (+57) 3153836043

The experience includes:

  • Transportation to the keys Aquarius and Rocky Cay.


  • Departure to the Aquarium Cay with a bath stop of approximately 2 hours.
  • Transfer to the rocky cay cay with a second bathroom stop.
  • Return to the dock.


  • Light and bath clothes.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Money for lunch and drinks.


  • Subject to weather conditions.
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